WP3 - Development of radiation protection culture to support the governance of radiological risk

Partners involved:

CEPN (Lead) - ISGlobal - IRSN - UFC - EEAE - UMIL - FOPH - VUJE


Radiation protection culture comprises knowledge, as well as practices, experience, values and attitudes related to radiation risk, and is oriented towards sustaining a dynamic building process based on multi-stakeholders interactions. The objectives of WP3 are: i) to investigate the role and the potential benefit of building and enhancing radiation protection culture for supporting effective stakeholder engagement and informed decision-making in relation to radiation protection at the individual and collective level; ii) to identify processes to build and transmit radiation protection culture, adapted to the specificities of different exposure situations; and iii) to elaborate guidelines/recommendations for building radiation protection culture in view of supporting stakeholder engagement in the governance of radiological risk. Case studies will be elaborated to study the development and role of radiation protection culture in three exposure situations: patient exposure in the medical field, public exposure in post-accident situations and public exposure from radon in dwellings.