Our goals

ENGAGE will identify and address key challenges and opportunities for stakeholder engagement in relation to three situations of exposure to ionising radiation: medical use of ionising radiation, post-accident exposures; and exposures to indoor radon.

To this end, ENGAGE will:

a) answer the questions why, when and how are stakeholders engaged in radiation protection issues;
b) develop novel approaches to analysing stakeholder interaction and engagement and, provide guidance for meeting challenges and opportunities identified in response to (a);
c) investigate the processes for enhancing radiation protection culture and their role in facilitating stakeholder engagement, and develop guidelines for building radiation protection culture;
d) provide recommendations and build a joint knowledge base for stakeholder engagement in radiation protection.

Through its research and innovation activities, the project will inform stakeholder engagement approaches to radiation protection in ways that relevant stakeholders find meaningful and legitimate. It will thus contribute to improving the governance of radiological risk and, as a result, radiation protection itself. The project’s beneficiaries are the radiation protection platforms, policy makers, civil society stakeholders and publics.

ENGAGE has received funding from the Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018 under grant agreement No 662287.